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Atelier AVO and SOTAstudio are invited by the “Watersport Vereniging Zandvoort” to be part of a selective group of 3 renowned architectural offices to participate in a competition for a Club House on the beach of Zandvoort.

Municipality Zandvoort allowed five, year-round pavilion to be located on the beach. This means that these pavilions after the summer season are no longer required to be dismantled. One is assigned to the “Watersport Vereniging Zandvoort”
association. That means the place where WVZ temporary modular clubhouse stands can now be replace with a new built into a permanent pavilion.

The design concept for the competition was to develop a compact as possible building with maximum amount of views out towards the sea. In order to stay within the budget a prefabricated construction method was developed that allowed the building to be demountable when this was required.